Adrian Phillips


Adrian is the head instructor at Systema Tasmania who is as much of a student of Systema as he is a teacher. Students are taught hand-to-hand combat, ground fighting, disarming weapons, warm up exercises and breathing exercises.

Systema Tasmania was formed in 2020 from a small study group consisting of family and friends in the southern region of Tasmania. Training was held at local beaches and parks and eventually migrated to the dojo in Margate where classes are held twice a week.

Students are encouraged to follow the principles and values as taught by head instructors Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko. The three components of Systema are Combat Skill, Strong Spirit and Healthy Body. These three elements when working in harmony create a TRUE WARRIOR.

The goal is to have the body free of tension, have stamina and endurance, movement that is effortless and the release of explosive power when called upon.

The psyche is developed to maintain a state of calm, free from the many conflicting emotions that can undermine the potential of the practitioner. Under duress, it’s natural to react from a place of fear, anger, irritation, self pity and even pride.

Systema trains the mind to operate and fight with an “even keel” no matter what turmoil the fighter may be inundated with. At the heart of Systema is a focus on breathing correctly to facilitate rapid recovery and maintain a modality of calmness and sharp focus.

This Russian martial art is quite different from most martial arts in that the movements are subtle, diverse, spontaneous, instant, economical, precise and powerful. There are no wasted movements nor wasted energy in this fighting style.